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 Bobcat UTV

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InläggRubrik: Bobcat UTV   Bobcat UTV I_icon_minitimeons jun 30, 2010 10:34 am

Bobcat släpper en serie UTV.
Jag hörde att Polaris sålt ganska många RZR i USA och det påverkar nog andra att ge sig in i segmentet.
RZR skall vara såld i ............. 250 000 ex!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Har jag hört Laughing


Bobcat UTV Bobcat3200utilityvehicl

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From inspecting fence on a farm or acreage to hauling tools and people around a construction site, efficiency is key to a productive job. The all-new line of Bobcat®️ utility vehicles is designed to deliver the power and performance needed to handle any job-related task with ease.

Every aspect of the new Bobcat utility vehicles has been designed to help customers get more work done in less time. Increased power, speed, payload capacity and uptime are all key features built into the all-new design. And like all Bobcat compact equipment, the utility vehicles are versatile jobsite machines that can reach areas where larger equipment can’t fit.

Four models available at launch

The new Bobcat line of utility vehicles launches with four models — the 3200, 3400, 3400XL and 3450. Features range from two-wheel drive to the four-wheel drive, attachment-ready 3450. Additional options and accessories are available to customize the new utility vehicles to fit each customer’s unique needs.

Power and performance to get the job done

Several improvements have been made to the new Bobcat utility vehicles, including performance enhancements such as more responsive acceleration, better payload capacities and increased horsepower and top speeds, and electronic fuel-injected gas 4×4 models that start easier and run more reliably in higher altitudes.

Increased payloads, acceleration and top speeds are the direct result of the new horsepower ratings in both the gas and diesel engines — ranging from 24.8 hp to 32 hp. This means customers can quickly haul tools, materials and people — up to six in the 3400XL with bench seating — across jobsites or other large areas such as athletic fields or farms. The quicker the tools and people get to the task at hand, the quicker the work is complete.

Operators can easily flip a switch to select from one-wheel (Turf Mode), two-wheel or four-wheel drive on the Bobcat 4×4 models to best match the driving conditions. When the front wheels are engaged in the 4×4 mode, all four wheels receive torque for maximum traction.

Operator comfort and ease of use

Operators and passengers will ride in comfort as the four-wheel independent suspension provides a smooth ride and improves the Bobcat utility vehicle’s agility over rough terrain. Other comfort features include lower sound levels, two-passenger bucket seating (dealer-installed bench seat also available) and a dealer-installed cab and heat for working in cold or windy climates.

These features and others, such as easy-to-see instrumentation, a single-latch tailgate and easy-to-clean cargo box, make Bobcat utility vehicles intuitive to use. With ease-of-use and superior comfort, operators will be able to get more work done quickly — whether they are monitoring livestock or clearing snow.

Uptime and easy maintenance to keep working

If a vehicle isn’t running, it isn’t working. Bobcat utility vehicles feature durable components and protective parts for maximum uptime and easy upkeep, including the sealed continuously variable transmission (CVT) guard, full skid plate, front and rear constant velocity CV boot shields and a radiator guard. The vehicles also feature a composite cargo box that resists corrosion, unlike steel or aluminum. Day-to-day maintenance checks are easy to perform with quick access to the engine compartment, air filter and battery.

Liquid-cooled engines in Bobcat utility vehicles protect critical engine components from overheating, which also results in more power and performance from the machine because components are kept cooler at higher engine speeds.

Attachment readiness and maximum versatility

To meet jobsite needs, the 3450 can use up to five front-mounted attachments with the exclusive RapidLink™️ attachment mounting system. Choose from a bucket, pallet fork, mower, snow blade or Whisker push broom to do anything from clearing sidewalks of snow and debris to moving dirt or palleted materials. Maximum lift height is 2 feet and rated operating capacity is 500 pounds.

Other options are available to match the utility vehicle to specific task-related demands, such as an optional brush guard, powered cargo box lift, strobe lights, turn signals and backup alarms. The integrated accessory system is designed into the cargo box allows a number of accessories to quickly and easily be mounted to the vehicle. The accessories include a tool holder, cargo box divider, cargo box wall extensions, as well as a number of other task-related accessories. Hunting enthusiasts can choose a limited edition package, including a brush guard, powered cargo box lift, black rims, green color scheme, and gun scabbard mount with dual gun boots.

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Bobcat UTV
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